… fleur … spring is in the air …

A while ago, I picked up an old design (here) (must be the spring) and wanted to make a cardigan with the same idea.

But this time I wanted to try knitted flowers instead of crocheted (I can crochet, but I can’t write a crochet pattern and I wanted something new)

I need to learn something new … The day I don’t learn anything, I guess I’ll stop…

I never really tried lace, so here we go …

to incorporate in a lightweight, airy tee or maybe a cardigan for spring ?

In wool, cotton, linen or silk?

I knitted a Tee in purple silk

oversized on large 5mm needles

and just finished another one in linen closer to the written pattern (not oversized)

Three strands of linen together and I love the shine on it.



2 thoughts on “… fleur … spring is in the air …

  1. Echo your sentiment about learning. It’s how I see my world too. I love each of your exploration, very inspiring. I have been thinking about one in linen too and yours is just what I was thinking and have the right yarn ready to go…of course, that has to wait until I work up 4 sweater samples for two shops in Portland this and next week. Thanks again for a wonderful play 😀

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