… carre chocolat …

A long time I didn’t post anything on here.

I’m working on several projects. So soon you will hear from me again.

My first project = carré cardigan. Sweet as chocolate. (and warm 🙂


All shaping is done in the center part. Broken rib bands are worked all around, shaping the shoulder line and hiding 2 pockets.

The yarn I used is Cascade Heathers in a lovely color: chocolate brown, prune, nearly black.

2 thoughts on “… carre chocolat …

  1. I purchased your pattern on Ravelry, and am about to start on the sleeves. I think there is an omission in the direction somewhere. It states to slip on 70 sts for the sleeve (large) and then pick up 12 sts more at the body. The total stated in pattern is 76 sts. Please clarify.

    • Hi Christine, I just saw your message. And I checked. The total is 70 sts + 12 sts = 82 sts.
      The 76 sts don’t refer to the total number of stitches, but to the first round after picking the 12 sts. You should knit 76 sts and place a marker (= in the middle of the picked stiches)
      I hope this helps

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