… warm colors of autumn …

How I love the changing seasons. The trees are turning in a warm yellow, orange and red…
The soil in the garden is covered with a nice, thick carpet
And I feel inspired …

Some Malabrigo worsted (garnet colorway) Very hard to take a nice pic of this color.

And some Holst garn ‘supersoft’ in beautiful red shades

This yarn feels a bit rough, but it seems it will get supersoft (ha, that’s the name of this yarn šŸ˜‰ after washing, let’s wait and see … I hope it gets a bit thicker also, because it’s very thin and light.

Couldn’t wait to get started … These lovely colors make me think of poppy’s, flowers in a field. We will see how this turns out, I certainly have enough to make a something tunic-likeĀ  (I have 4 50gr skeins of the main color, that’s about 1150m) and I definitely want pockets …

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