… pasOdoble …

I have been playing a bit more with the construction of ‘something’ (hat and cowl). I wrote about them here in a previous post. And came up with this: pasOdoble and pasOsolo: 2 shawls/wraps with a fun construction.

Their special construction to build the swirls at the end are easy and very simple to do.

pasOdoble is a symmetrical shawl with swirls on both ends.

sshhhawl 2
pasOsolo is assymetrical with a round swirl on one end and a point on the other.

pasOsolo 3

More pics of pasOsolo in the next post

I worked them back and forth, but it is also kind of in the round in 1 piece and completely seamless. And another good news is : I didn’t have to purl…. at all.

Some more pics of pasOdoble

sshhhawl 3sshhhawl 4sshhawl 1sshhhawl 6sshhhawl 5sshhhawl 11


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