… FF backward …

The following pullover was very fun to design and make (I made two of them and am really tempted to make some more). The idea came after I met a fellow knitter and we discussed boxy-style sweaters (straight sleeve inset or more fluid like batwing sleeves). We also swapped some yarn. She gave me some wonderful green colors, that I usually don’t buy so easily. The next morning – between wake and sleep – a strong image came to me – in the swapped colors and with several elements we had been discussing.

Here it is: FF backward°


Aren’t these so very happy colors ?

ipop1- ipop3-

° Why is it called FF backward, anyway ?



The colors are Zarte Knospe at the front, Grünfink at the back, stripes are Natur and Maus Alt, all Wollmeise Twin.
And here is the 2nd one I made. I had a lovely skein of Wollmeise Twin (again), colorway Brombeere, that would match up so well with the TML Georgia O’Keefe for the back with some bright orange accents (WM Twin mohrchen). I used the entire skein of Brombeere at the front, nothing is left.

FF with dots 3

FF with dots FF with dots backFF with dots 7

FF with dots 6FF with dots 4

FF backward is a modern oversized pullover with fitted sleeves. The construction is very simple. It’s basic shape gives a lot of possibilities for striping or other colorwork motifs. Think 3 or more contrasting or matching colors, one for the back, one for the front and 2 for the sleeves and edgings… or large stripes on the back, small stripes at the front or vice versa… And what about real fair-isle colorwork at the front… Or a real lace panel at the back and a plain front…
Just take a look at all the gorgeous FO’s from the testers and you will see that the possibilities are endless.

Included in the pattern are 2 examples of edges: a small chart for the stripes, one for the dots and also a black and white outline drawing to start experimenting with colors and edge patterns.

FF with dots 5

The side seams are sewn. Stitches are picked up for the sleeves and they are worked top down, seamlessly in the round.
The back and front can be worked in one piece or in separate pieces. Both options are included in the pattern.

°° FF backward >>> comes from a way of shaping the shoulders often used in man’s sweaters. It is called ‘fully fashioned’: the shoulder line of the front is in a right angle and the shoulder line at the back is slanted. And in this design I used that idea backward >>> FF backward.

Sizes available
finished measurements chest: 52, 55, 64.5, 72.5” (132, 140, 164, 184 cm)
As this is an oversized pullover it fits many sizes
More important is the arm circumference (at the elbow): 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.75 “ (22, 24, 27, 30 cm)

What you’ll need
It’s best to choose a yarn with some drape.
fingering / 4ply
MCfront (main color front: yellow in the model): ± 430/460/510/580 m (470/500/560/635 yards)

MCback (main color back: green in the model) : ± 520/560/630/710 m (570/610/690/780 yards)

leftovers in fingering weight for the edgings and the sleeves
CC1 (contrasting color1: black in the model): ± 300 m (350 yards)
CC2 (contrasting color1: white in the model): ± 100 m (110 yards)

3,5 mm (US 4) straight needles
3 mm (US 3) straight needles for the ribbing
3,5 mm (US 4) circular needle or double pointed needles for the sleeves
3 mm (US 3) circular needle or double pointed needles for the sleeve ribbing
2 marker
tapestry needle

25 sts and 34 rows stockinette
= 10 x 10 cm (4”x4”)

Coz I’m happy

FF with dots 2-


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