how to … my favorite tubular cast on …

Have you tried several methods to work a tubular cast on like I did ? And did your yarn get tangled and maybe your fingers too ? Well, mine did. Holding needle and yarn in a delicate position in one hand trying to scroll down – or back if it is a video – to see the next image from the tutorial with the other hand. A ‘tour de force’ and every time the cast on is a real mess …

Or – working with waste yarn – did you cut the waste yarn but also your main yarn ? :-/ I did …

tubular cast on cover

Here is one that is – at least for me – easy and neat: my favorite tubular cast on for a 1/1 ribbing. It is a very easy-peasy, non fiddly way using waste yarn, a combination of the crochet cast on – my favorite – and the way I learned to work a tubular cast on a long time ago …

I stumbled on this method by surprise. I wanted to knit me a hat and I had just written a blog post (here) …
1 + 1 made 2

You will need some waste yarn in a contrasting color and a crochet hook in the same size as the needle. Go up a needle size for the provisional crochet cast on. It is easier to work with a larger needle and the cast on will be stretchier.

tubular 1tubular 2

tubular 3tubular 4That’s it for the provisional cast on. Next the working yarn will be introduced. The first rows are worked back and forth – even if you will be joining to knit in the round later to make a hat or a sock – because it is easier to manipulate the stitches.


tubular 5tubular 6tubular 7

tubular cast on 9That’s really it, you are all set to start your knitting. If you are making a hat, you
can join in the round now. Work the last stitch of the row together with the first
stitch of the next row (= 1 stitch decreased) and now you have the right number
of stitches.


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  1. Hi Anne – I’m looking for your Wild Rose Tips – where might I find them – I just purchased your Wild Rose ebook (hat, cowl, mittens and cardigan) and would like to see how Jenny does it! Thanks –

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