. . . last minute gifts . . .

I finally made it šŸ˜€

This cute little pattern was in my to-do-list for yeeaars… Never found the time to make it…

Well, it’s not that one needs a lot of time. A couple of hours, some scrap yarn and two beads for the eyes is all it takes.

You could just embroider the eyes if you don’t have suitable beads around.

Here you can find the pattern for these cuties: flat rat pattern

I made a whole bunch of them šŸ˜€

For the eyes I used black beads (4 mm diameter)

One ‘rat’ measures about 10 cm / 4″ without the tail.

I gently soaked the bodies (not the heads) in water and pinned them out to dry flat.

Once dry I stapled books on them to flatten their bodies more.

The ‘flat rats’ in action…

Bookmarks … Funny. Isn’t it ?

So, if you are in need of some inspiration for last minute gifts …

Find the pattern here


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