I am a graphic designer with a weakness for everything that’s handmade, especially textile- and yarnrelated.
I have always been designing all kinds of things … clothes, knitwear, small furniture … I like to work with recycled materials and experiment with them. This blog will be my notebook of my knitting inspiration, designs and explorations.

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  1. Hello there, I have the Big and Small Leaves Cardigan pattern. Can you advise how many metres of double knitting yarn are required. Is it simply twice the number of metres quoted for 12 play yarn?

  2. I bought the Lavendula pattern in december, and now I am ready to start.
    You wrote that it would be easy to make buttonholes, and I think that I would like to be able to close it, so I can use it as coat here in the spring, but I am having doubts about where to put buttons and buttonholes … on the narrow or wide piece on the garter-wave-edge? (row 3 / 15 in the diagram). Where would you put them?

    – by the way; I looove the Crazy Stripes Tee. I have already knit it twice and more could come. It looks great and is fun to knit. My very first attempt to follow an english pattern was your Wrapped Hat, and I must say, that I find your patterns to be well written, detailed and easy to follow. The many drawings also helps a lot when knitting the neck and shoulder. Thank you for that 🙂

    • Hi Gitte, Thanks. I am glad you like the way I write up my patterns.
      Two testers added buttonholes. One did it in the wide garter portion and the other in the narrow portion. I like it both ways, in fact. Difficult to decide which is best. I don’t know if you are on Ravelry, but you could go check both versions. here and here
      Happy knitting

  3. Hello,
    I am.knitting the Bucchia Hat ans habe a question: In Version XL you write at the BODY: 12/8/4/0 . What do you man with 0? What habe I to do here? Ans What meine “Work 9”? What habe I to do here? Thanks you veryvery much for your help! Kindest regards from Germany, Petra

    • Hi Petra,
      At the body: work 12/8/4/0 sts, means that the smallest size has to work 12 sts and the largest size 0 sts before doing the next instructions. If you are making the largest size, you can start immediately with * [ k1, yo, k1 in …..
      The work 9 means you work the 1/1 ribbing as established.
      Hope this helps,
      Happy knitting,

  4. Hi there, I have started the Grebo pattern but lost my copy of the instructions and now can’t download them. Do you still have a copy? Is there any chance you could send it to me?

    Thanks so much.

    Jane Knight

    • Hi Jane,
      I deactivated it because it doesn’t reflect the way I write patterns anymore. And I didn’t realize people were working on it because there are only very few projects linked to the pattern. I will put it up again and leave it. You should be able to access it now.

  5. Hi!
    I’ve been following you on Ravelry for several years – I love your patterns. They are beautiful. One of my favourite is the 3-in-1 jumper.
    I was totally surprised when I saw this.
    I hope they haven’t just taken your pattern! I’ve noticed other familiar (to me) patterns on this and similar sites. I just thought you may want to know.

  6. Dear Designer,
    I found your design 3in1 at an advertising of an obscure internetshop with the name Loovincy, here on Instagram it’s also active as Fraumode.

    With kind regards

  7. Hi there! I also saw your amazing 3in1 pullover in Fillezone and I am so happy that I found its original designer! I know it’s probably a thing you don’t usually do, but I would really like to buy the specific pullover that I saw. It’s for a friend of mine who usually don’t get so excited about clothes, but she fell in love with this one. She recently had a serious injury, so she’s now embracing life and I would love to make her this gift. Is there any chance I can buy it from you?
    Warm wishes!

    • Hi Monica,
      I am sorry I missed your message. I can’t sell you the pullover you saw on that Chinese ad and that is for a very simple reason. The photo you saw, is from one of the people who knitted it from my ‘3 in 1’ pattern.
      That website ‘stole’ the photo from her, they didn’t take photos from my pattern page. So I don’t own that beautifully knitted 3 in 1 pullover.
      I guess you will have to find a knitter who can make it for you. Sorry,
      Have a nice day,

      • FloryDay Shopping
        -have adds selling your Crazy Stripes sweather now. And 3-in-1 also.
        -I commented if its allowed production and sale of the design.
        -they claim all is good, IN PRIVATE MSG to me in my Messenger. After my comment to public add via Facebook.
        -FloryDay Shopping -do you have cooperation with them for this sales?
        Anne, Norway

  8. Bonjour, j’aime bien le patron j’ai presque terniner. Je suis rendu à la boutonnière et je suis bloquée. Pourriez me contacter par messenger ou courriel.
    Messenger: Chantal Bisson (photo qui joue de la batterie
    Par courriel

  9. I have found a picture of a cardigan and was wondering of it was one of yours. It was called the Half and Half. It was posted on a site back in 2015. It was using alpaca superlight lang yarn. I was a combination of 2 patterns. I am unable to add a picture but have one if needed.

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