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I will assemble here all the sites for helpful tips I find on the net

      • A very well documented site full of helpful tips for a perfect finishing of all your knits. here
      • My favorite wrap and turns here
      • Pompoms, all kind of funny and wonderful pompoms to make… They are just too crazy

15 thoughts on “helpful links

    • Hi Marsha,
      It are stash yarns I used. And a few little skeins. I will try to write it down.
      Wollmeise Pure (colorway Natur: white and Maus Jung: grey, some 26FE: the darker grey and some yellow in the last section: limone)
      The green/yellow = Madelinetosh Dandelion (colorway Maple Leaf)
      Blue/green = Madelinetosh unicorn tail: 1 or 2 (can’t remember) colorway = button jar blue.
      I hope this gives you an idea of the colors.
      But really, you can use any stash yarn in fingering weight you like for this. That’s what makes it so fun.
      Have fun

  1. I am working on strips gone crazy, front right shoulder Row 1 i have pick up the 15 stiches now it say to
    (=+1st per row ) what does that mean.
    row 2 p to end
    row 3 16/18/18 : work 14/16/16 rows in stockinette.
    So do i add another stich at beginning of row 3?

    • Hi Fatima,
      ‘Pick up and knit 15 sts’ is right. The text between braquets ‘= ┬▒ 1 st per row’ means ‘pick up & knit about 1 stitch per row’.
      ‘row 3-16/18-18’ doesn’t refer to the number of stitches but to the number of rows per size. From row 3 to 16/18/18 is 14/16/16 rows.
      I hope this helps you, happy knitting,

  2. Hello, I have BIG problems with 3 in 1, section 3, size XL. Knitting with stripes.
    Page 5 – XL and XXL size only:
    Row 9 and 10 with CC3 is OK.
    When I follow row 11 and 12 with MC3 I got 3 rows with MC3 on the left side of M0C and just 1 row of the same color (MC3) on the right side of M0C of the knitting.

    I have asked before, but no answer.
    Can someone help me here?

    • Hi,
      I think you don’t have the latest version. There were a few typos concerning the MC3 and CC3 in that section that were corrected in the last version.
      The stripes with MC3 and CC3 should alternate every 2 rows.

      • Where are the latest version if correction? There are max 4 month since I bought from Ravelry

        Hope for more information­čść

        Anne Margrethe Cortsen Skorstad

  3. Hello, I dont find last version of 3 in 1 regarding my problems on previous.
    Anne Margrethe Cortsen Skorstad

  4. It is right there on Ravelry. The latest version dates from february 23 2016.
    But I feel that your problem might be something else. I don’t understand how you get 3 rows of MC on one side and 1 row at the other side. Could it be that in row 12, you don’t go over M0c to the twinned stitch at the other side ?

  5. Hi Anne,
    I am working on Squared sweater pattern. I am stumped on how to do the “stairs: on the raglan sleeves. I can’t see where there are decreases to create the notch for the next step, in other words, the horizontal of the step. I understand picking up stitches on each end and then not knitting them creating the vertical, but are they all held on the needle as you work your way up? Do you have any schematics that would show what to do? Also, I knit the sleeves in a medium size because my arms are not thin, but I want the body in a size small. Will that be a problem when I switch to the body?

    • Hi Nancy,
      I understand picking up stitches on each end and then not knitting them creating the vertical, but are they all held on the needle as you work your way up?
      Yes, all stitches are held on the needle, make sure to keep the markers in place.
      There are no decreases to create the horizontal steps, it is the same system: keeping stitches on hold. You can see that on the diagrams page 3 and 4.
      Abou the M-sleeves and S-body. I would decrease 4 sts at the top of the sleeve before starting the stair shaped raglan. In that way you will have the stitch counts for size S at the body and won’t get in trouble ­čśë
      Happy knitting,

  6. Hi
    Im sure this question has been asked but the link to the ‘twist 2 colour’ for the 3in1 jumper is not available.
    Is there another link or video that i can watch or a really simple explanation.

    • Hi Gina,
      That link is working fine for me. Don’t know what the problem could be. Maybe if you copy and paste it in your browser, it works. If not, you can do a search for ‘fair isle’ and ‘long floats’. Hope you find a way.
      Happy knitting,

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