One Sock Two Socks Magic

Fun fun fun. This is a great idea. And perfect for all those lonely sock yarn skeins.

All you need is a 50 grs lonely skein – that is about 200m or 220 yards, some scraps, a pair of scissors, – yikes – and a tapestry needle.

It starts with a toe – worked toe-up, of course. Switch to your lonely skein and knit a tube until your skein is completely finished. Then, you add the cuff …

And then, you need to follow the pattern to add all the different items (I changed the order a little).

The pattern is a free one and can be found here

Here is a photoreport.

pippi langkous

pippi 2

pippi 6

pippi 7

pippi 8

pippi 9

pippi 11

pippi 12

pippi 12B

pippi 14

pippi 15






Tadaa …

pippi 17

pippi 16

pippi 18

Thank you, Shauna Wood, it is great. I love my new socks and I will do this again, and again … (I already started a second tube ^^)