… 3 in 1 …

Happy New Year

And with the New Year comes a new project: 3 in 1

3in1 mod 3A layered henley shirt worked bottom up, seamless and in 1 piece (yes 1 😉 with a contiguous sleeve inset and extra long sleeves.

3in1 mod
This is an ideal garment to use up my stash yarns and the fun started when picking colors for my 3 in 1
Each layer of the body is shaped with short rows and put on hold. The next layer is cast on and joined to the previous layer by knitting with 3 needles. A bit scary, but it is quite easy in fact.

3in1 mod2

detail 3 in 1
I used some sport weight / 5ply and fingering weight / 4ply yarns together and 4 mm needles to knit the body. The neck ribbing is done with 3,5 mm  needles.

Just take a look at the gorgeous 3 in 1’s of the test knitters and get more info here


4 thoughts on “… 3 in 1 …

  1. Hi!
    First, thank you for a beautiful pattern! I am working on this in M size but, I have a couple of questions when I come to row number 10 (WS) after joined parts 2 and 3 together.
    This row describes as follows: “p11/17, sM0c, p11 stranding MC when you reach it, w&t”.
    About this row I do not understand the 11/17 term…… I neither am sure about the stranding. Am I right when I think that only row 10 and will be with CC3 and row 11 wil be half CC3 and half MC3 and from there the two colors MC3 and CC3 will alter?

    I really hope you have time to respond to this and that I have expalined so that you understand what I struggle about.
    Want to tell I am knitting this is a beautiful Norwegian yarn, Hjerte Superwash from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk (Hillesvaag Wool Factory).

    Thank you!

    Kindest regards,
    Nina Wang Mikkelsen

    • Hi Nina,
      I think you just found a typo. The 17 in row 10 doesn’t belong there. It belongs to the L-size. Sorry to have confused you.
      The idea of the stranding is that the MC3 will be where you need it in row 11. That said you can strand MC3 behind or just cut it and start row 11 with new yarn.
      I hope this helps.
      I don’t know that yarn. I will do a search. Thanks
      Happy knitting

  2. Hello, I will have a question about the 3 in 1 jersey. In the second part of section 3 row 27, you say to increase before and after marker 3 and repeat 2 times. should the increases be before and after the 2 markers or only at marker 3. Sorry for English mob but I had to do it with the google translation

    • Hi, in the second part of section 3, the increases are before and after the 2 markers so that is 4 stitches increased in that round.
      Hope it helps, happy knitting, Anne

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