… stripes gone crazy …

This was for a long time only a sketch in my little notebook.

It took me a long while before actually tackling the idea and experimenting how I would try to work it out. After a lot of trying, knitting, unraveling, starting all over again this is what finally came out: stripes gone crazy: a seamless cardigan.stripes GC mod 3-

The ‘crazy stripes’  growing from small stripes to large ones on the fronts are shaped using short rows, giving the cardigan it’s fun and unusual look at the front and the full development of the design at the back.

stripes GC mod-

stripes GC mod2-

This is the first prototype I made in the lovely Merino/Silk of Dye for Wool. The colors are absolutely wonderful but oh so difficult to catch in a photo. The main color is a very dark green, almost black. It’s name: ‘a dark storm is coming’ and the contrasting color is blue-ish with a hint of grey: ‘dark blue shadowstorm’. The next picture is as true to color as possible (at least it is on my screen)

stripes GCmod 4-

In this first prototype there was a bit of an issue with too much fabric in one side due to all the bias knitting and all the small stripes coming together at the back. So I made a second one to try to solve that. I used Merino/Silk again (queen maab’s dreary thoughts) but combined with the Dye for Wool BFL in a very nice brown color: ‘Lost Leather Pouch

stripes going brown mod 2-   stripes going brown mof 4-

It was a really big challenge to write up a pattern and especially complicated to grade it for the different sizes. But we did it (we = all my lovely testers who were not too afraid to rip back a few rows and start again)

yeaah, youhou :-D Thank you all so much, dear testers

Stripes gone crazy: an adventure from cast-on to bind-off.

stripes going brown mod F+B-

Stripes gone crazy is a seamless cardigan worked from the top down in one piece. Starting with shaping the back and shoulders, stitches are picked up for the front and sleeves and are worked following the contiguous sleeve method, developed by Susie Myers.

Can be worn with no ease, a little negative or positive ease.
Due to the nature of the contiguous sleeve inset, it’s best to start with the numbers of the size closest to yours and add more increases for the body and sleeves, if you should want more ease.

The easiest way to lengthen or shorten the cardigan is by working more or less simple stripes before working the ‘crazy stripes’. To change the length in the crazy stripes section by adding more crazy stripes is quite difficult unless you have mathematical insight to calculate the short rows.

Available sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL: finished measurements: 28, 31.5, 35.5, 38.5, 44, 48.5” (71, 80, 90, 98, 111, 123 cm)

What you’ll need:
MC : main color: ± 650, 730, 800, 870, 950, 1050 m (710, 800, 880, 950, 1050, 1150 yards) of fingering / 4ply
CC : contrasting color: ± 360, 400, 440, 470, 500, 550 m (390, 450, 480, 520, 550, 600 yards) of fingering / 4ply

3,5 mm (US 4) circular needle and straight needles (optional)
3 mm (US 3) circular needle and straight needles
4 markers
10 buttons diameter ± 0.6”/1.5 cm

25 sts and 36 rows stockinette with the larger needle = 10 x 10 cm (4”x4”)

See more pictures and other pretty color combi’s here on the pattern page

This pattern is available for €6.20 EUR (It is also available in an e-book with 2 more patterns based on the crazy stripes: more on these in the next blog post)

. . . back with something new . . .

It has been too long since I wrote something here…

I have been very busy though, so I will have a lot to show you.

montage 2014

A lot has changed also. I finally have my pattern shop open en up. I will be adding more patterns ‘à fur et à mesure’ here. I will also try to reorganise this blog so that all the knitting techniques, tips and tricks are all together in one spot.

See you soon

… almonds and stripes …

4 new projects in Malabrigo Yarns: almonds and stripes  Layout 1 Almonds and stripes 4 pullovers, all based on an almond shape and with stripes. I worked the 4 of them top down and seamless in 1 piece with little or no sewing to do.

Almonds and stripes cardigan (1) almond mod 15+ The almonds and stripes cardigan in Malabrigo Arroyo is worked back and forth, with faux seams at the fronts, back and the shoulders. Increases are worked next to the faux seams to shape the shoulder and make the sleeve inset invisible (yes, really invisible) I really love to work with this yarn and the colors are absolutely gorgeous: here colorway Azules and Marte) This cardigan is completely reversible. My favorite right side is the purlside. The pockets are shaped by folding back the extra fabric at the bottom. Untitled-3 almond mod8almond mod 14almond mod 9

Check it out here

Almond tee (2) Almond tee (also in Arroyo, colorway Volcan and Reflecting Pool) is a pullover with a very unusual construction. amandine mod 3+ It is worked seamlessly in one piece, in the round from the shouldertop downwards and sideways. I used the same method as for her sisters: amandine cardigan and amande cardigan and tee. amandine tee mod 2 I used two different colors to show off the unique construction (maybe one semisolid kettledyed yarn would do the trick also). Stitches are picked up to work the hidden pockets that follow the diagonal line of the top. amandine tee mod 4 A few more pics ;-) amandine tee mod 6amandine tee detail 2amandine tee detail 3

Check it out here

Almond pullover (3) Almond pullover in Rios (colorway Glitter) shares the same construction as the Almond tee. almond brown mod 10+ Also seamless, in the round and from the shouldertop downwards and sideways. I made the sample in one color, because the variegated yarn shows the construction in a little more subtle way. It could also be knit in 2 color striping. almond brown mod 14 Stitches are picked to work the large garter stitch collar that can be worn open or closed with a row of small buttons. almonds brown detailamandine pull detail 2 amandine pull detailamandine pull detail 3

Another one in a different yarn: modeled1 and a striped Almond pullover with a little positive ease striped modeled1

Check it out here

Almonds in space (4) Almonds in space: in Malabrigo Sock: an oversized boxi-type pullover but with a different construction. almonds blue 4+ It features faux-seams on the shoulders and arms to shape the body. Increases are made next to the faux seams to give its shape. almonds blauw mod The almonds in a contrasting color are shaped by working short rows. almond The back is longer than the front for a relaxed look. A few more … almonds blue 16 And in another color almonds brown 4 almonds in space mod4

Check it out here

The 4 patterns in this collection are also available as individual patterns

… 3 in 1 …

Happy New Year

And with the New Year comes a new project: 3 in 1

3in1 mod 3A layered henley shirt worked bottom up, seamless and in 1 piece (yes 1 ;) with a contiguous sleeve inset and extra long sleeves.

3in1 mod
This is an ideal garment to use up my stash yarns and the fun started when picking colors for my 3 in 1
Each layer of the body is shaped with short rows and put on hold. The next layer is cast on and joined to the previous layer by knitting with 3 needles. A bit scary, but it is quite easy in fact.

3in1 mod2

detail 3 in 1
I used some sport weight / 5ply and fingering weight / 4ply yarns together and 4 mm needles to knit the body. The neck ribbing is done with 3,5 mm  needles.

… pasOdoble …

I have been playing a bit more with the construction of ‘something’ (hat and cowl). I wrote about them here in a previous post. And came up with this: pasOdoble and pasOsolo: 2 shawls/wraps with a fun construction.

Their special construction to build the swirls at the end are easy and very simple to do.

pasOdoble is a symmetrical shawl with swirls on both ends.

sshhhawl 2
pasOsolo is assymetrical with a round swirl on one end and a point on the other.

pasOsolo 3

More pics of pasOsolo in the next post

I worked them back and forth, but it is also kind of in the round in 1 piece and completely seamless. And another good news is : I didn’t have to purl…. at all.

Some more pics of pasOdoble

sshhhawl 3sshhhawl 4sshhawl 1sshhhawl 6sshhhawl 5sshhhawl 11

… something quick, fun, colorful …

A very quick and funny project. Don’t really know how to call it. So, it is ‘something’

something beanie

something beanie 3

and something cowl: a matching cowl

something 2

Something fun, quick and colorful with an unusual construction. Ideal to work up leftovers in your favorite colors.

I worked both back and forth, but it is also kind of in the round in one piece and really completely seamless. And … no purling.

Off the needles and ready to wear …