… amandine cardigan, the pattern is here …

And finally, Amandine cardigan has been approved 🙂

I’m in for some surprising construction, this one is really my thing. It’s kind a’ fun to start a cardigan with only 9 stitches.

Amandine is an open, drapey cardigan with a very, very unusual construction and ¾ or long sleeves. It can easily be closed with a shawl pin. It is worked seamlessly, in the round from the shoulders downwards and sideways with invisibly worked sleeve insets.

I called it amandine, because it’s basic shape looks like an almond (amande in french).

More pics

And in Malabrigo Sock Indiecita colorway

More pics here and here

… 3rd amandine …

I finished my 3rd amandine. I’m so happy with the result. And it’s kind a’ fun to start a cardigan with only 9 stitches.

This will be my favorite, I think. Love the 2 colors together.

One more picture of the back

and a detailed shot

More pictures to come later …

… wrapped …

I noticed I’ve never really showed my ‘wrapped collection’ here before.

Wrapped pullover

This is something different, isn’t it ? I’m quite proud of it.

The diagonal cabled wrap hides a pocket and turns around the neck to form a cosy collar. It’s unusual construction makes it very addictive to knit.

It is worked from the bottom up. The collar is asymmetrical in the back going from halfway the right sleeve to the top of the left sleeve. I knitted the sleeves from the top down.

Wrapped hat

I made matching hat to go with my wrapped pullover 🙂

A quick knit in chunky yarn and large needles.

This is a new way of constructing a hat in one piece. It is reversible and can be worn in many ways, backwards (what is back or front, anyway?), inside-out, …

The wrapped hat is worked from the top and completely seamless, apart from a few live stitches to be sewn, using the kitchener stitch. The crown is formed by 6 sections. 2 sections are ribbed and form the start of the ribbed cables at the sides.

And I made … a wrapped pullover for him 🙂

This looks wuite classical with the drop-shoulders, but the assymetrically placed cable at the front and the back makes it interesting and stylish. It is worked top-down starting with a provisional cast-on at the shoulder. I added also a breast pocket.

Back and front are worked separately to the armholes and joined in the round. The stitches of the sleeves are picked up and the sleeves, worked top-down, it was easy to  adapt to any length.

My brother took my first wrapped pullover I made in Cascade Yarns Eco+, so I made a 2nd one in Lett Lopi. It has less stitch definition but I really love that dark bottlegreen color…

… amande and amandine …

A nutty, crazy idea that popped up, kind of an accidental coincidence. I was working on another idea: a different way to work short rows. And I came up with this weird, crazy idea …

Starting at the shoulder top and working down and sideways … Am I nuts???

It involved a lot of testing, ripping, frogging, trying again, testing again, … making a 2nd Amandine*.

And I’m making a 3rd Amandine, now in greenish colors. More pictures to come …

I just want this to be perfect 😀

* Amande is French for Almond